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Title Anthology / Reprint Year Series Note
Love Magic 2004    
Love Slave Sandstorms 2004 Black Gold  
Firestorm 2004 Black Gold  
Captured Captured 2004    
Colors of Magic 2004    
Zayed’s Gift Mystic Visions 2004 Black Gold 2004 EPPIE Award
A Mutual Favor 2004    
In His Own Defense The Defenders 2004 Lawyers in Love  
Awakenings 2004    
He Calls Her Jasmine 2004 Lords Of Pleasure  
Another Love 2004 Black Gold  
Bittersweet Homecoming The Defenders 2004 Lawyers in Love  
Enchained 2004    
Dallas Heat 2004 Black Gold  
Gettin’ It On The Prosecutors 2004 Lawyers in Love  
Eye of the Storm The Prosecutors 2004 Lawyers in Love  
Mastered Enchained 2004 Lawyers in Love 2004 EPPIE Award
Gates of Hell 2005    
Storm Warnings 2005    
Dark Side of the Moon 2005    
Colors of Love 2005    
Tip of the Iceberg Bound by Love 2005    
Forever Enslaved Sandstorms 2005 Black Gold 2005 Passionate Plume Award
Entrapped Sandstorms 2006 Black Gold  
Vampire Justice 2006 d’Argent Honor  
Eternity of Darkness Eternally His 2006 d’Argent Honor 2006 Passionate Plume Award
Wrong Place, Wrong Time? Bound by Love 2006    
Out of Bounds 2006    
A Gift of Gold 2006    
Eternal Surrender 2006 d’Argent Honor  
The Barbarian Secrets 3 2006    
Rx for Pleasure 2006 Members Only  
Candy Hearts #4: Hearts and Handcuffs 2006 Members Only  
All Wrapped Up Vol. 1: Branded 2006    
Luna Ten Chronicles 2006 Luna Ten  
Obsidion Chronicles 2006 Luna Ten  
Paranormal Mates Society 10: O Positive 2006    
Bound By Blood 2006    
Eternal Victory 2007 d’Argent Honor  
Haunted 2007    
Rx for Submission 2007 Members Only  
Rx for a Dom 2007 Members Only  
Roped 2007 Heart of the West  

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